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The ACE Annual Conference - 14th July

The ACE annual conference 2017 will be held on the 14th July at Kings Langley School. Speakers will be announced shortly.  The inaugural ACE annual conference was held at the University of Birmingham School on the 30th June 2016. It was attended by 200 delegates from across Britain. Keynote sessions included an impassioned plea by Gary Lewis (Chair of ACE) for schools to be courageous and make space for character education; an overview of the research by Professor James Arthur (Jubilee Cen…

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ACE held its inaugural annual conference on the 30th June at the new University of Birmingham school.



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ACE - The Character Education Subject Association

ACE is a not for profit membership organisation.  It is a community for schools, organisations and individuals interested in character education to share expertise and practice.  The organisation supports schools, teachers and other educationalists to develop and promote character education responses that enable young people and societies to flourish.  

It does this by:

  • Supporting teachers and other educators to develop a vision and strategy for the enhancement of character education in their school / organisation
  • Demonstrating the value of character education to teachers, other educational professionals, policy makers, parents, employers and other interested parties
  • Raising the profile of character education in the U.K. and demonstrating its effectiveness at supporting other whole school aims including attainment, behaviour and careers. 

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