This page will contain useful resources and materials for teachers and others seeking advice and practical examples on how to apply character education in practice. The below are a compilation of useful resources and previous research from our partners and external organisations. Examples of the types of materials members will have access to include:

Programme of Study - Primary

Programme of Study – Primary

The programme of study provides a taught course in character education for reception to Y6.   The course is divided into three terms and separated into individual year groups. Each term’s curriculum is divided into sequences of lessons which address particular virtues.   The course allows flexibility to suit individual school / teacher approaches.  Teachers notes and accompanying PowerPoint presentations are also provided.

Programme of Study - Secondary

Programme of Study – Secondary

Produced by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, the spiral curriculum model for 11-16 year olds moves students through phases of personal experience and practice, information gathering and documentation, reflection, analysis and internalisation and informed action, and round again. The Programme of Study contains 31 resources designed to help young people explore and develop their character.

knightly virtues

The Knightly Virtues Programme

This educational program seeks to provide nine to eleven year olds with the chance to creatively explore great stories of knights and heroes and the virtues to which they aspired. Drawing from timeless historical and literary narratives this program is tailored towards encouraging pupils to enjoy reading about inspiring people, whilst helping them to consider their own virtues of character.

framework for character education

A Framework for Character Education in Schools

The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues’ position on Character Education is set out in the ‘Framework for Character Education in Schools’. It calls for all schools to be explicit about how they develop the character virtues of their students and the important role teachers play in making and shaping the character of young people to be properly recognised by parents, policy makers and employees.

statement on youth social action

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character Development

A short statement developed by an influential group of experts on how youth social action develops character virtues in young people.

schools of character

Schools of Character

This publication showcases seven schools (including two primary schools) that make character education a conscious part of their day to day practice through a variety of approaches. The case studies presented are designed to highlight the most pertinent features of character education in each of the schools and aim to provide both inspiration, as well as examples, for other schools seeking to develop their character education provision.

teaching character through the curriculum

Teaching Character Through the Curriculum

This publication, although primarily aimed at Secondary Schools, demonstrates how character might be taught through fourteen curriculum subjects. The link between character virtues and the pedagogical practices and content of each subject are also explored. For each subject, the virtues that might be considered most closely linked to it are emphasised and learning and teaching activities that develop character virtues in the classroom, across the whole school and in the community are suggested.


Inspiring Purpose Awards

Inspiring Purpose is a leading independent character discovery activity; young people learn about character, virtues and strengths and use these to define their purpose, goals and vision for a better world

character education

Character Education in UK Schools: Research Report

The research project described in this report represents one of the most extensive studies of character education ever undertaken, including over 10,000 students and 255 teachers in schools across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. The research explored the formation of character in students in 68 UK schools and investigated how teachers view their role in developing good character and virtue in students.

the good teacher

The Good Teacher: Research Report

The report sets out new research focusing on the virtues that good teachers might need and the role these virtues play in teaching, The research was conducted with 546 novice and experienced teachers.

character nation

Character Nation

This report by DEMOS provides a series of policy recommendations for governments to ensure that character development is embedded across the education system.

character manifesto

Character and Resilience Manifesto

A report from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility on the importance of character and resilience for social mobility.

Building Character Through Youth Social Action: Research Report

Building Character Through Youth Social Action: Research Report

A report describing the benefit of Youth Social Action Organisations across the country with reference to teaching character in schools and what schools struggle to cooperate with students such as, positive relationships, models of qualities that they want to educate and supporting empowerment to young people.

fruits of the spirit

The Fruits of the Spirit: A Church of England Discussion Paper on Character Education

In this paper the Church of England give their position on character education. The document explores the links between Christian world views and character, what character educati8on might look like in a pluralist society, and how best to ‘teach’ character.

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